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MyWebsiteLinks.com is a web portal. That is, it is a website that has information on and links to other websites.

There is an alphabetical list below. There are lists by category on the pages listed in the menu on the left.

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Here is a table with links to websites and brief descriptions of those sites. The websites are listed in alphabetic order.


Website Link

Website Description

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AppraisalAndAssessment.com provides various services related to the appraisal and assessment of real property. It includes a community for appraisers and assessment professionals.

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Provides various support services for businesses such as online form management, autoresponder aggregation, task/project management sites, web meetings and others.

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Cloud Office

Providing you with your own office space on the cloud.

CDC 201511a-x180


ComDevCo is a Community Development Company.

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We provide a set of technology services that compliment each other including web design, photo and video editing and production, software and app development and technology consulting.

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FaithFilled Living’s mission is to encourage and support the growth and application of people’s Christian faith and to help individuals move through spiritual growth into practical growth.

GS-TP 20111205


This is an interim link while the main site is being fixed. GSTPMain.com

Welcome to the GeneralStore-TradingPost.com !

We are dedicated to being an “old fashioned” General Store or Trading Post. A place where you can pick up a variety of essentials and some frills as well.

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Providing information to help you live life well.



Photos, books, quotes and poetry by Michael Dahle and Michael’s social site.

MR 2 line 201610a 235x150


Resfeber - A travel fever! The restless race of the traveler’s heart!

A website celebrating travel!

This website contains travel related information.

NV 201511a-x180


Business Development

PVT x180


PremierVideoTours.com provides custom video production services and video hosting.

(PVT specializes in tour type videos. For other types of videos see TheVideoCabinet listed below.)

RMD 201610b 180x128


A real estate market place that directly connects buyers and sellers.

SageSaga 201503a x250


The place for your personal wisdom journey!

An education site.

TheProjectJarLogo 201412d x200


Fostering a caring faith family!

Through a web application we facilitate your church family in caring for one another.

TheVideoCabinet 201705a x250


TheVideoCabinet.com provides custom video production services and video hosting.

VA 201504a x142


Software and Technology Solutions



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